UNIDO’s “Making It” Magazine Focuses on Low-Carbon Future

UNIDOMarch 2012: The the ninth issue of the quarterly magazine of the UN Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), titled “Making It: Industry for Development,” focuses on the theme “Our low-carbon future.”

The March edition includes an article titled “Climate justice-inclusive sustainable development,” which argues that justice for the “poor and forgotten” must be at the heart of the climate debate. The article highlights the need for: economic growth and opportunity benefits to be shared equitably and fairly; real partnerships with developing country policymakers, researchers and entrepreneurs in designing sustainable energy solutions; and harnessing women's leadership to maximize their potential as agents of change, including by improving women's access to education and credit. It also features two articles on the role of energy in the next industrial revolution and the transition to a green economy. The first examines the five pillars of a third energy-communications revolution and their contribution to the next great wave of economic growth. The second addresses how the creation of a radically different energy system will contribute to an inclusive and sustainable economy.

The magazine also includes articles on: climate security; sustainability as a lever for economic growth; the prosperity index – a global assessment of national prosperity based on wealth and well-being; investment in agricultural land and sustainability; solutions to the gender pay gap; gender-sensitive industrial development; and sustainable lives and livelihoods [Publication: Making It Magazine, Issue 9]