UNHCR Reports on Climate Change Impact on Eastern Chad

16dic_09_0215 December 2009: The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has reported on the conditions of locals and Sudanese refugees living in Iriba and Abeche, Eastern Chad, highlighting the aggravating impact of climate change.

In particular, UNHCR explained that climate change is exacerbating desertification in the semi-arid terrain, reducing annual rainfall and accentuating the scarcity of water for basic needs. To mitigate these effects, UNHCR, together with its partners and the Government of Chad, carries out programmes aimed at promoting the better management of water resources, providing alternative fuel sources, reducing desertification through large scale reforestation initiatives, and facilitating energy access through the introduction of energy saving stoves and solar-powered cookers. [UNHCR Press Release]