UNGA Reduces Paper Consumption

UN logo28 November 2011: The UN Department for General Assembly and Conference Management (DGACM) has announced the introduction of digital press and book binder, which has enabled DGACM to print on demand, reduce costs and save paper.

According to UN Greening the Blue, DGACM's increased use of digital technology also results in transport, shipping and handling savings. In addition, copies of the UN Journal have been reduced to 400 from 5,400 in 2009. This was made possible through the increased number of e-subscribers to the Journal.

UN Greening the Blue underlines that these activities are part of an ongoing initiative to reduce paper consumption within the UN. Since 2009, paper consumption has been reduced from approximately 100 million sheets, to 34 million, a saving of 8,000 trees. [UN Greening the Blue Press Release]