UNFF Expert Group Discusses Financing Framework, REDD

The United Nations Forum on Forests 14 November 2008: The UN Forum on Forests (UNFF) Ad Hoc

Expert Group on Finance convened in Vienna, Austria, from 10-14 November 2008,

to develop proposals for the development of a voluntary global financial

mechanism/portfolio approach/forest financing framework to support: the

implementation of sustainable forest management (SFM); the achievement of the

global objectives on forests; and the implementation of the non-legally binding

instrument on all types of forests.

During the meeting, there was considerable

discussion about the potential funding of SFM through mechanisms that are being

established, and are currently under consideration, with regard to reducing

emissions from deforestation and forest degradation in developing countries

(REDD). Among the presentations and

panel discussions, the World Bank presented on its Forest Investment Programme

to mobilize increased funds for REDD and to promote SFM to protect carbon


Some experts raised concerns that considerable uncertainties remain

regarding REDD, both in terms of technical aspects and in terms of the

development of a market that generates revenue for SFM. Experts suggested that

UNFF should send a strong message to UNFCCC on the need to ensure that REDD schemes

take full account of the holistic nature of SFM.

Member States will provide

written contributions for further elaboration of the proposals on a financing

framework, which the UNFF Secretariat will synthesize in preparation for UNFF's

eighth session, to be held in late April 2009. [Advance

unedited version of the Chair's summary report] [Meeting website]