UNFCCC Reports on Efficiency Gains Achieved in 2012

UNFCCC24 April 2013: The UNFCCC Secretariat has released an information note on efficiency gains achieved by the end of 2012 (FCCC/SBI/2013/INF.5). The document describes measures adopted by the Secretariat with the objective of achieving sustainable efficiency gains and providing examples of cost savings.

The note describes the efficiency programme ongoing in the UNFCCC Secretariat, highlighting progress and initial outputs, including: the provision of training and certification of 17 "workout" facilitators on efficiency and effectiveness; training on statistical analysis and data; ongoing coaching of seven lead facilitators on efficiency and effectiveness; and an innovative prioritization and selection process to channel ideas and proposals efficiently.

Among projects initiated in 2012, the note underscores efficiency gains in the following areas: enhancement of the recruitment process; streamlining the processing of CDM fees and invoices; and enhancing times and processes for workflows and processes related to the Secretariat's travel plan. The note estimates the net savings resulting from enhancement of the recruitment process to be US$130,000 per year, and those resulting from travel plan-related measures to be between US$95,000 and US$140,000.

Furthermore, the note states that the Secretariat plans to conduct between 10 and 15 projects for improvement in 2013 and in the following years, with benefits expected to be of, at least, 25% higher than the investment. Finally, among activities that the Secretariat is planing to take in the upcoming years, the note underscores the implementation of the International Public Sector Accounting Standards, starting 1 January 2014. [Publication: Information Note on UNFCCC Secretariat's Efficiency Gains]