UNFCCC Reports on Capacity Building Activities in Developing Countries

UNFCCC28 March 2013: The UNFCCC Secretariat has released a report to support the Subsidiary Body for Implementation's (SBI) annual monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of the framework for capacity-building in developing countries.

The report features sections on, inter alia: the overview of information reported by parties; capacity building activities under the Kyoto Protocol; and capacity building activities undertaken by UN organizations and other institutions. It contains information identified taking into account developing countries' needs and priorities for capacity building, as well as examples of good practices collected from national communications.

The information included in the report is based on information gathered from 25 national communications, one national adaptation programme of action (NAPA), ten technology needs assessments and parties' annual submissions.

Parties whose submissions were considered for the elaboration of the report are: Algeria, China, Uzbekistan, the Republic of Nauru on behalf of the Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS), and Ireland and the European Commission on behalf of the EU. The addendum to the report (FCCC/SBI/2013/2/Add.1) contains the information submitted by UN organizations and other institutions.

The synthesis report is to be produced annually with a view to regularly monitoring the implementation of the capacity-building framework. [Publication: Synthesis Report on the Implementation of the Framework for Capacity-building in Developing Countries]