UNFCCC Releases Scenario Note for AWG-LCA 15

10 April 2012: The UNFCCC Secretariat has released the scenario note on the 15th session of the Ad hoc Working Group on Long-term Cooperative Action under the Convention (AWG-LCA) (FCCC/AWGLCA/2012/2), which will take place in Bonn, Germany, from 15-24 May 2012.

The Chair of the AWG-LCA notes that the work of the AWG-LCA at its 15th session should result in the identification of the remaining work on all elements of the provisional agenda, taking into account progress achieved so far. It is also underlined that the session should define the different elements and the extent to which they are expected to be part of the AWG-LCA outcome at the 18th session of the Conference of the Parties (COP 18), scheduled to take place in Doha, Qatar, at the end of 2012. The session will also provide an opportunity to begin looking at textual proposals on the different elements. [Publication: Scenario Note on AWG-LCA 15]