UNFCCC Publishes Ukraine’s GHG Inventory Report

3 June 2011: The UNFCCC Secretariat has published the report (FCCC/ARR/2010/UKR) of the individual review of the annual submission of Ukraine submitted in 2010.

In the report, the Expert Review Team (ERT) concludes that the inventory submission of Ukraine has been prepared and reported generally in accordance with the UNFCCC reporting guidelines. The inventory submission is generally complete and Ukraine has submitted a complete set of common reporting format (CRF) tables for the years 1990–2008, and a national inventory report (NIR); these are complete in terms of gases, years, sectors and geographical coverage, but generally incomplete in terms of categories. Some of the categories were reported as not estimated (“NE”), particularly in the energy sector. The ERT strongly recommends that Ukraine provide estimates for these categories in its next annual submission. The ERT also notes that carbon dioxide emissions from natural gas transmission and HFC, PFC, and SF6 emissions from refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment (except for HFC-134a) are reported as not occurring. The submission of information required under Article 7, paragraph 1, of the Kyoto Protocol has been prepared and reported generally in accordance with decision 15/CMP.1. The ERT notes some issues regarding timeliness and accuracy of the submission of information on minimization of adverse impacts under Article 3, paragraph 14, of the Kyoto Protocol, and accuracy of the information on changes in the national system and in the national registry.

The ERT notes many gaps in the reporting of land use, land-use change and forestry (LULUCF) under the Kyoto Protocol. The ERT notes that, in its 2010 submission, Ukraine has not accounted for all carbon stock changes in the following mandatory carbon pools: dead wood (for land subject to afforestation, reforestation and deforestation activities); and litter, dead wood and soil (for land subject to forest management activities). Ukraine did not provide transparent and verifiable information demonstrating that these unaccounted pools were not net sources of emissions in accordance with mandatory reporting requirements stated in decisions 15/CMP.1 and 16/CMP.1. According to the ERT, the information and the document with an expert opinion provided by Ukraine after the centralized review do not demonstrate that the dead wood, litter and soil pools are not net sources of emissions for the Ukrainian national territory. [Publication: Individual Review of the Annual Submission of Ukraine Submitted in 2010]