UNFCCC Publishes Technical Paper on Adaptation Activities in LDCs

UNFCCC16 November 2011: The UNFCCC Secretariat has published a technical paper (FCCC/TP/2011/7) on identification and implementation of medium-and long-term adaptation activities in least developed countries (LDCs). The paper provides technical advice and guidance on: issues to be taken into consideration when identifying medium- and long-term adaptation needs, and integrating them into development planning; and options for implementing identified adaptation activities.

The Conference of the Parties at its 16th session (COP 16) decided to extended the mandate of the Least Developed Counties Expert Group (LEG) for five years and requested the group to develop a two-year rolling programme of work for consideration by the Subsidiary Body for Implementation (SBI) at its first sessional meeting of each subsequent year. The LEG work programme contains an element to provide technical advice and guidance on the identification of adaptation needs, the implementation of medium- and long-term adaptation activities and their integration into development planning in LDCs.

The technical paper contains case studies of the Lao People's Democratic Republic and Malawi on considerations regarding the identification and implementation of medium- and long-term adaptation activities. It presents the background to the LDC work programme and experiences, best practices and lessons learned from the national adaptation programme of action (NAPA) process, with a view to identifying similarities, complementarities, things that did not work, those that worked well and those that need to be built upon, including general areas for improvement. It also includes experiences gained from other relevant processes in implementing adaptation activities. [Publication: Implementation of Adaptation Activities in LDCs]