UNFCCC Publishes Summaries from ADP’s Bonn 2013 Sessions

UNFCCC25 July 2013: The UNFCCC has published four documents reflecting the work undertaken during the second part of the second session of the Ad Hoc Working Group on the Durban Platform for Enhanced Action (ADP 2-2) held in Bonn, Germany, from 4-13 June 2013. During the session, the ADP was structured around workshops and roundtables on Workstream 1 (2015 agreement) and Workstream 2 (pre-2020 ambition).

During the Bonn session, under Workstream 1, the ADP convened round-table discussions on a variety of enhanced actions, as well as a workshop on enhancing adaptation through the 2015 agreement and a round-table on linkages with existing arrangements. Briefings to inform the ADP on on-going work under various bodies and arrangements relevant to the work under both Workstream 1 and Workstream 2 were also organized.

The summary of the round-tables under Workstream 1 (ADP.2013.10.InformalSummary) summarizes the roundtable discussions that focused on a variety of enhanced actions, encompassing enhanced actions in the areas of mitigation, adaptation, finance, technology and capacity-building, as well as transparency of action and support. Moreover, exchanges also considered linkages with existing arrangements. Themes addressed included: a variety of enhanced actions; transparency and accountability for delivery; managing ambition in accordance with science and equity; enablement of, and support for, enhanced actions; and linkages with existing arrangements.

The summary report on the workshop held under Workstream 1 on enhancing adaptation through the 2015 agreement (ADP.2013.11.InformalSummary) contains information on exchanges held on 6 June 2013, in Bonn. The summary indicates that the co-chairs suggested that discussions focus on how to enhance adaptation throught the 2015 agreement to achieve balance between adaptation and mitigation, including through strengthening existing institutions, arrangements and support. The themes addressed included enhancing support, capacity and dissemination of knowledge; moving towards systematic monitoring and evalutation of adaptation action, and the monitoring, reporting and verification of support; and exploring interlinkages between adaptation and mitigation.

During ADP 2-2, one workshop and two round-tables were also convened under Workstream 2. The Informal summary of the ADP (ADP.2013.12.InformalSummary) contains information on the round-tables held under Workstream 2. The objective of the round-tables was to discuss how the ADP can build a practical approach to increasing pre-2020 ambition and enhance climate finance, technology and capacity building enablement and support. The note summarizes the discussions of the round-tables, and is organized with basis on the mains themes addressed during discussions, namely: building a practical approach to increasing pre-2020 ambition; and enhancing finance, technology and capacity building enablement and support.

The summary report on the workshop on pre-2020 ambition: energy transformation, including scaling-up renewable energy, enhancing energy efficiency and consideration of carbon capture and storage (CCS) (ADP.2013.13.InformalSummary), captures exchanges held on 7 June 2013. [Publication: ADP.2013.10.InformalSummary] [Publication: ADP.2013.11.InformalSummary] [Publication: ADP.2013.12.InformalSummary] [Publication: ADP.2013.13.InformalSummary] [IISD RS Coverage of the ADP Bonn Session]