UNFCCC Publishes SB Agendas for Cancun

7 September 2010: The UNFCCC Secretariat has published the provisional agendas for the 33rd sessions of the Subsidiary Body for Implementation (SBI) (FCCC/SBI/2010/11) and Subsidiary Body for Scientific and Technological Advice (SBSTA) (FCCC/SBSTA/2010/7), which will take place in Cancun, Mexico, from 30 November-4 December 2010.

The SBI will consider various items including: Annex I and non-Annex I national communications; financial mechanism of the Convention; article 6 (education, training and public awareness); development and transfer of technologies; capacity-building under the Convention and Protocol; amendment of the Kyoto Protocol in respect of procedures and mechanisms relating to compliance; and administrative, financial and institutional matters.

The SBSTA will address, inter alia: the Nairobi Work Programme (NWP) on impacts, vulnerability and adaptation to climate change; development and transfer of technologies; research and systematic observation; methodological issues under the Convention and the Protocol; and scientific, technical and socio-economic aspects of mitigation of climate change. [SBI 33 Agenda] [SBSTA 33 Agenda]