UNFCCC Publishes Paper on the Collection of ITL Fees

21 April 2010: The UNFCCC has released a technical paper (FCCC/TP/2010/) that presents various options for methodologies for the collection of international transaction log (ITL) fees, including options for calculating fee levels and other modalities related to the collection of fees, such as the treatment of new users and actions to be taken in case of non-payment.

This paper also presents a comparison of these options against five criteria: predictability, stability, complexity, administrative overheads and adherence to the user pays principle. The potential impact of the draft EU registry regulation on the collection of ITL fees is also discussed. Parties are invited to use the information contained in this paper as they consider a methodology for the collection of ITL fees during the 32nd session of the Subsidiary Body for Implementation (SBI), to be held from 31 May-9 June 2010, in Bonn, Germany. [Technical Paper]