UNFCCC Publishes ICAO and IMO Submissions

20 May 2010: The UNFCCC Secretariat has published submissions (FCCC/SBSTA/2010/MISC.5) from the Secretariats of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) containing information on emissions from fuel used for international aviation and maritime transport.

The ICAO submission contains an overview of the organization's achievements and its way forward to address greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from international aviation. IMO's submission outlines the work of the 60th session of its Marine Environment Protection Committee on technical, operational and market-based measures for international maritime transport.

These submissions will be considered by the 32nd session of the Subsidiary Body for Scientific and Technological Advice (SBSTA), which will take place in Bonn, Germany, from 31 May-9 June 2010. [The Submissions]