UNFCCC Publishes Documents on Technology and Response Measures

UNFCCC26 September 2013: The UNFCCC Secretariat has published two documents on technology transfer and on response measures, for consideration by the Subsidiary Body for Scientific and Technological Advice (SBSTA) and the Subsidiary Body for Implementation (SBI) at their 39th sessions in Warsaw, Poland, in November 2013.

The first document presents the outcome of the in-forum workshop on 'Assessment and analysis of impacts of response measures' under the work programme on the impact of the implementation of response measures (FCCC/SB/2013/INF.8). The workshop was held on 6 June 2013, in Bonn, Germany.

The second document contains the joint annual report of the Technology Executive Committee (TEC) and the Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN) for 2013 (FCCC/SB/2013/1). This report contains a joint chapter of the TEC and the CTCN on the operationalization of the Technology Mechanism, as well as separate chapters outlining the 2013 activities and performance of the TEC and of the CTCN. [Publication: Report on the Workshop on Impact of Response Measures] [Publication: Joint Annual Report of the TEC and CTCN]