UNFCCC Publishes Documents on Bunker Fuels, GEF and GCF

UNFCCC10 November 2013: The UNFCCC has released documents for consideration during the Warsaw Climate Change Conference, which address information on bunker fuels, the Green Climate Fund (GCF) and the Global Environment Facility (GEF). These topics will be considered under the agenda of different bodies during the upcoming days. 

The document with information relevant to emissions from fuel used for international aviation and maritime transport (FCCC/SBSTA/2013/MISC.20) contains reports submitted by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the International Maritime Organization (IMO). ICAO's report on the 38th Session of its Assembly indicates that the Assembly reaffirmed the collective global aspirational goals for the sector's CO2 emissions reductions, and agreed on a strategy to progress all elements of a basket of mitigation measures, namely aircraft technology, operational improvements, sustainable alternative fuels and market-based measures (MBMs). The Assembly agreed to develop a global MBM scheme for international aviation and urged that ICAO and its Member States express concern, through the UNFCCC process, on the potential disproportionate use of international aviation as a source for the mobilization of revenue for climate finance to the other sectors.

The IMO's Marine Environment Protection Committee report indicates that the issue to address greenhouse gas (GHG) emission from ships engaged in international trade was address during its 65th session, which addressed the importance of enhancing energy efficiency and reducing fuel consumption with subsequent reductions of CO2 emissions and other pollutants emitted to air from ships. Possible measures discussed include the use of a phased approach to implementation, with the focus of initial work being on data collection, as a basis for future technical work.

The addendum to the report of the GEF (FCCC/CP/2013/3/Add.2) contains the table on the status of national communications from non-Annex I Parties and the status of resources approved by the GEF Secretariat for non-Annex I Parties for the preparation of biennial update reports (BURs).

The report of the GCF (FCCC/CP/2013/6) contains information on the activities organized by the Fund, membership and adopted decisions, among other things. It was submitted for consideration by the UNFCCC COP, in accordance with decision 3/CP.17, which approved the GCF's governing instrument. [Publication: Information relevant to emissions from fuel used for international aviation and maritime transport] [Publication: Report of the GEF] [Publication: GCF Report]