UNFCCC Publishes Assessment of Denmark’s Forest Management Reference Level

UNFCCC10 October 2011: The UNFCCC Secretariat has published the report of the technical assessment of the forest management reference level submission of Denmark submitted in 2011 (FCCC/TAR/2011/DNK).

The report contains the technical assessment of Denmark's submission on its forest management reference level (FMRL), submitted in accordance with decision 2/CMP.6 (The Cancun Agreements: Land use, land-use change and forestry (LULUCF)). Denmark provided two reference level estimates, one including harvested wood products (0.359 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (Mt CO2 equivalent) per year) and another assuming instantaneous oxidation of harvested wood products (0.243 Mt CO2 equivalent per year). The proposed FMRL is therefore 0.359 Mt CO2 equivalent per year. In response to the recommendations of the expert review team (ERT) during the technical assessment, Denmark's revised FMRL is 0.409 Mt CO2 equivalent per year including harvested wood products and 0.3337 Mt CO2 equivalent per year assuming instantaneous oxidation of harvested wood products.

In the report, the ERT concluded that Denmark's FMRL submission and its revision have been prepared and reported in accordance with decision 2/CMP.6. In the course of the technical assessment, the ERT had formulated some recommendations, many of which were addressed in the revised FMRL. [Publication: Report of Technical Assessment of the Forest Management Reference Level Submission of Denmark Submitted in 2011]