UNFCCC Maps Pre-2020 Emission Reduction Ambition

UNFCCCApril 2014: The UNFCCC Secretariat has published an online interactive map showing national ambition of both developed and developing countries to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions pre-2020. The map displays information contained in two corresponding documents: a compilation of information on nationally appropriate mitigation actions (NAMAs) to be implemented by developing country parties (FCCC/SBI/2013/INF.12/Rev.2); and a compilation of economy-wide emission reduction targets to be implemented by Annex-I parties (FCCC/SB/2011/INF.1/Rev.1).

By clicking on the blue-colored countries, one can check actions and current levels of ambition identified by individual countries. The global ambition to reduce GHG emissions must be raised to meet the goal of staying below an average 2°C temperature increase. The map visualizes what individual countries have put forward as their current levels of ambition. [Interactive Map] [Publication: Compilation of Information on NAMAs] [Publication: Compilation of Annex I Party Economy-wide Emission Reduction Targets]