UNFCCC Executive Secretary Highlights Civil Society Campaign

10 October 2010: In a video message to mark the "Global Work Party" on 10 October 2010, UNFCCC Executive Secretary Christiana Figueres urged people around the world to join in grassroots movements to curb climate change.

She stressed the need for governments to be determined to arrive at compromises that "move the world towards winning the battle against climate change." She said the floods in Pakistan demonstrate the urgency that we face, and underlined that the shocking statistics of the casualties are just "a small taste" of what the future holds if climate change "spirals out of control." Figueres underscored that the TckTckTck campaign is "on track" to show how civil society can lead by example and take action against climate change, with numerous tree planting events, renewable energy competitions, and personal commitments to reduce emissions. She concluded by offering her personal support to the campaign and urged people around the world to join in. She added that when civilians are inspired to take action, it is easier for governments to follow. [Link to Video and Information on the Campaign]