UNFCCC Executive Secretary Addresses World Bank Bali Dialogue

© UNFCCC5 October 2009: Yvo de Boer, Executive Secretary of the UNFCCC, addressed the World Bank Bali Dialogue in Istanbul, Turkey, on 5 October.

Highlighting the ongoing Bangkok Climate Change Talks, he noted some progress in the areas of adaptation, technology and capacity-building, but little movement on finance and its governance.

He said a governance structure needs to be agreed in Copenhagen that is acceptable to all parties to ensure effective support for implementation. De Boer noted developing country concerns related to their desire to direct finances towards their defined priorities. He said industrialized countries, on the other hand, are pushing for governance of funds through existing channels. He acknowledged the legitimacy of both concerns and said that a middle ground can be found to accommodate the interests of both sides. De Boer emphasized the important role that multilateral development banks can play in the implementation of financing arrangements for both mitigation and adaptation, and the need to take emerging principles of governance into consideration.

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