UNFCCC Executive Secretary Addresses Seoul Pensions Summit

16 June 2010: Speaking on the occasion of the Pensions 80 Seoul Summit 2010, taking place in the Republic of Korea, UNFCCC Executive Secretary Yvo de Boer underscored the importance of cooperation between the public and private sectors to "rise to the challenging trends that are emerging to 2050."

He highlighted that these trends, namely the energy crisis, natural resource depletion, population growth and climate change, present challenges as well as opportunities. De Boer added that, in the absence of clear policy frameworks and consensus, these trends are responded to in a fragmented way, emphasizing that “transitioning the world's economy onto a low-emissions, sustainable path is the only way that these trends can be responded to without driving our planet and our future over the edge.”

He observed that concluding negotiations on a fully operational implementation architecture in Cancun would enable all countries to engage in climate change action on all major issues: adaptation; mitigation; technology cooperation; reducing emissions from deforestation in developing countries; finance; and capacity building. He stressed the need for “unprecedented cooperation between the private sector and governments towards a common goal” to ensure that the implementation architecture delivers the rapid and wide-ranging results that it needs to deliver. [The Speech]