UNFCCC Climate Change Talks Open in Accra

His Excellency John Agyekum Kufuor, President of Ghana, addresses delegates during the opening ceremony. 21 August 2008: Over 1600 participants are attending the UN

climate change negotiations that opened in Accra, Ghana, and that are scheduled

to conclude on 27 August 2008.

The Accra Climate Change Talks include the third

session of the Ad hoc Working Group on

Long-term Cooperative Action (AWG-LCA) and the first part of the sixth session

of the Ad hoc Working Group on

further Commitments for Annex I Parties under the Kyoto Protocol (AWG-KP). The

event is the third major UNFCCC gathering this year.

The meeting is part of a

negotiating process that was mandated under the Bali roadmap, which was agreed

in 2007, and which set a deadline of the 15th Conference of the Parties to the

UNFCCC in December 2009, to reach agreement on enhancing cooperation on climate

change including the period after 2012, when the Kyoto Protocol's first

“commitment period” expires.

Negotiators are to continue substantive work to

enable the full, effective and sustained implementation of the Convention

through long-term cooperative action, now, up to and beyond 2012, including a

shared vision for long-term cooperative action, mitigation, adaptation,

technology and finance. As for negotiations under the Protocol, delegates will

continue work on analyzing the means that may be available to Annex I Parties

to reach their emission reduction targets and on identifying ways to enhance

their effectiveness and contribute to sustainable development. [IISDRS coverage]