UNFCCC Calls for Momentum for Change Initiative Submissions

4 June 2012: The UNFCCC Secretariat has launched a call for submissions for projects that are currently contributing to climate change mitigation or adaptation, while delivering social benefits. Submissions will be received from 1 June to 13 July 2012, as part of the Momentum for Change Initiative, which aims at showing the multiple benefits of addressing climate change.

The Momentum for Change Advisory Panel will select some of the initiatives submitted as the 2012 Momentum for Change "lighthouse" activities. All submitted activities meeting the eligibility requirements will be included in an on-line database and in potential promotional efforts, enabling them to gain further recognition and enhance networking. 

In 2012, Momentum for Change will focus on activities in a developing country delivering social and environmental benefits to the urban poor through cooperative action between the public and private sectors. In particular, eligible activities for 2012 have to, inter alia: address climate change mitigation or adaptation; be in the course of implementation; have replicable potential; deliver verifiable  social and environmental benefits to a particular community engaged in the initiative; and not be registered or be intended to be registered as a Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) or Joint Implementation (JI) initiative. [Momentum for Change Call for Projects] [Momentum for Change Website]