UNFCCC Announces CDM Photo and Video Contest Winners

UNFCCC1 December 2011: The UNFCCC Secretariat has announced the winners of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Changing Lives Photo and Video Contest 2011.

The theme of the contest was “CDM Changing Lives” and it aimed at raising awareness about the CDM and showcasing its value and benefits. Photographers, videographers and CDM project developers responded to the call for entries and demonstrated through their submissions the way that the CDM is changing lives for the better, while helping countries down a clean path to development. The winners of the contest were announced during the UN Climate Change Conference currently being held in Durban, South Africa.

The first place winner of the photo contest is Abeer Ibrahim, for the photo titled “Hand-off,” which shows workers passing raw mud bricks to be stacked into a kiln for firing. It relates to the CDM “Egyptian Brick Factory GHG Reduction Project.” The second place winner is Xiaodi Cai, for the photo titled “A way to a better life,” which shows local residents transporting corn stalks to the CDM project site where they will be burned to generate electricity. It relates to the “Anhui Suzhou 2×12.5MW Biomass Power Generation Project.” The third place winner is Fuping Wang, for the photo titled “Dreamlike lighthouse,” which shows four gas turbine generators looking like giant lighthouses. It relates to the “Fujian Jinjiang LNG Power Generation Project.”

The first place winner of the video contest is Eitan Dotan, for his video titled “A mountain of change,” which is a short animation showing how waste can be used to generate electricity, referring to “Hiriya Landfill Project.” The second place winner is Newcrest's Media Resource Production & Training (MRPT), for the video titled “Geothermal energy changing lives on Lihir Island,” which is a short video showing the CDM programme of activity titled “Geothermal energy changing lives on Lihir Island.” The third place winner is Qatar Petroleum, Maersk Oil and Myriad Media, for a short video showing the “Al-Shaheen flare recovery and utilisation project.” [CDM Photo Contest Winners][CDM Video Contest Winners]