UNESCO: Ready to Facilitate International Dialogue on Biofuels

UNESCO is ready to support the worldwide debate on biofuels 26 November 2008: Speaking at the International Conference on Biofuels, which took place in São Paulo, Brazil, from 17-21 November 2008, UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Deputy Director-General Marcio Barbosa indicated the Organization's readiness to facilitate dialogue among governments on biofuel technology.

He explained that UNESCO can provide a forum for exchange on this

issue, and highlighted the importance of cooperation for the

sustainable production of biofuels in developing countries. He

described the role UNESCO could play in coordinating international

efforts to facilitate dialogue among countries on biofuels,

highlighting the promotion of technical cooperation, assistance in

defining parameters for biofuels, and strengthening of South-South and

triangular cooperation.

One of UNESCO's five key priorities for the

next six years is to mobilize science knowledge and policy for

sustainable development. Considering its mandates in education, culture

and communication in addition to the sciences, UNESCO can contribute to

the biofuels debate in a holistic manner, notably in the context of

global climate change, by looking at the social impacts of biofuel

projects and the educational needs of the local communities on the

topic. [UNESCO Press Release]