UNESCO Launches Book Project on Migration, Environment and Climate Change

31 January 2011: The UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has announced a book project for 2011 on migration, environment and climate change.

The project is based on the recognition that research on the links between climate change and migration is limited, and that uncertainties exist surrounding the actual mechanisms at stake, the number of persons affected and the geographical zones concerned. The book project aims to: provide a comprehensive overview of the climate change – migration nexus; review the available evidence; and provide detailed analysis of the issues at stake.

The book will consist of two parts. The first, titled "Evidence on the migration – climate change relationship," will provide empirical evidence on the links between climate and migration. The second, titled "Policy responses, normative issues and critical perspectives," will investigate the key issues raised by the climate change – migration nexus, including the social and political context in which the topic has emerged. [UNESCO Press Release]