UNESCO: Groundwater and Climate in Africa Addressed for the First Time


27 June 2008: The first-ever international meeting to

discuss the role of groundwater in improving livelihoods in Africa under

conditions of rapid development and climate change, and one of the first

conferences in the world to discuss the impacts of development and climate

variability and change on groundwater resources, has recently concluded.

The event, entitled Groundwater and Climate in Africa–an

International Conference, took place from 24-27 June 2008, in Kampala, Uganda, and was organized by the University College London (UK), the Directorate of Water Development of

Uganda and the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization's (UNESCO)

International Hydrological Programme. The Conference brought together over

300 water scientists, managers and policy makers from 23 African countries and

14 countries from the rest of the world, and featured 96 presentations and over

20 hours of discussion time including two round-table discussions. The outcomes

of the Conference include a synthesis of these discussions, to be known as “The

Kampala Statement -Groundwater and Climate in Africa,” which will be made available

on the Conference website. [Conference website]