The largest ever youth gathering on climate change, the TUNZA International Youth Conference, convened in Daejeon, Republic of Korea, from 17-23 August 2009. The final statement from the Tunza International Youth Conference, entitled “Listen to our voices: the future needs leadership,” requests governments and citizens take action on climate change and commits themselves to work to address climate change.

In the statement, delegates requested governments to, inter alia, agree on a more fair, just and action oriented post-Kyoto agreement adopted and implemented by all countries. It requested citizens to, inter alia, commit to sustainable lifestyles to reduce individual carbon footprints. Delegates also committed to, inter alia, exchange information, connect and promote best practice activities on climate change.

Another outcome from the Conference includes a plan for young people to organize rallies in 100 cities across the world, as part of a major push to persuade governments to seal a meaningful deal at the UN climate change meeting in Copenhagen. The Conference was organized by UNEP, with support from several UN entities including UNICEF, UNFPA, FAO, WMO, UN-HABITAT, UNDESA, UNESCO and the Secretariat for the Convention on Biological Diversity.

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