UNEP Tree Campaign Reaches 12 Billion Milestone

8 November 2011: The UN Environment Programme (UNEP) has announced that over 12 billion trees have been planted in 193 countries under the Billion Tree Campaign. The milestone was reached following a tree planting campaign carried out in Kenya by the Green Africa Foundation, which has planted over 24 million trees to date.

According to UNEP, the Campaign is active in all UN member States, including the newest State of South Sudan, which joined the Billion Tree Campaign in September 2011. China and India have planted the highest number of trees, with 2.8 billion and 2.1 billion trees planted respectively. Under the Billion Tree Campaign, individuals and organizations can pledge to plant trees as part of the Campaign.

The Billion Tree Campaign aims to improve the quality of life in communities worldwide through the multiple benefits provided by trees, including tackling climate change through carbon sequestration, contributing to local economies through products such as timber, and providing ecosystem services such as soil regulation, erosion control and cultural values. [UNEP Press Release] [Billion Tree Campaign Website]