UNEP SEF Calls for Proposals on Clean Energy Public Funding Mechanisms

15 August 2011: The UN Environment Programme (UNEP) Sustainable Energy Finance (SEF) Alliance has announced a request for proposals from interested parties to develop an assessment of the top performing, sustainable, public support mechanisms being used across the clean energy continuum, and to analyze how their success is measured and can be duplicated. 

According to the Alliance, the project is intended to provide public funding agencies with an updated inventory of high-performing, effective clean energy public funding mechanisms. It should also provide insights into the reasons for their success, and an indication of the ease in their duplication for use by other governments. It is also envisaged that the mechanisms examined will include the different target points along the clean energy development continuum, as each is of equal importance to enable sustained economic and environmental progress. The deadline for submitting proposals is 25 August 2011.

The UNEP SEF Alliance is an international convening body and platform that brings together public and publicly-backed institutions that are financing development in the clean energy sector. The aim of the Alliance is to improve agency effectiveness by working collaboratively to evaluate financing instruments, to share experience with what is working and to increase the pool of expertise and knowledge in this area. [SEF Alliance Website] [Request for Proposals]