UNEP Risoe Centre: Call for CDM Projects and Participation in CASCADe CDM Capacity Building Workshops

UN Environment Programme (UNEP) Risoe Centre on Energy November 2008: The UN Environment Programme (UNEP) Risoe

Centre on Energy, Climate and Sustainable Development has announced calls for

clean development mechanism (CDM) and voluntary market projects in Benin and

Mali for project sponsors who want to participate in CDM capacity building

workshops to be held in the two countries.

The CDM capacity building workshops

will be held from: 17–19 November 2008, in Cotonou, Benin; and 18–20 November

2008, in Bamako, Mali. The two workshops are being organized by Carbon Finance

for Agriculture, Silviculture, Conservation and Action against Deforestation

(CASCADe), a UNEP project aimed at enhancing expertise for generating carbon

credits from land use, land use change and forestry, as well as bioenergy

activities in Sub-Saharan Africa. The capacity building workshops will consist

of training on the CDM and voluntary carbon markets, followed by practical

discussions with experts to provide technical support. The workshops are open

to project sponsors who work on: agroforestry; reforestation; avoided

deforestation; and bioenergy, including cogeneration and renewable energy

linked to agriculture and reforestation.

To register for the workshops,

participants are required to send files introducing their prospective CDM or

voluntary market projects. [CASCADe

Website] [Benin

Workshop and Call for Projects] [Mali Workshop] [Mali Call for

Projects (French)]