UNEP Riso Releases Coastal Hazard Assessment Tool

6 February 2012: The UN Environment Programme (UNEP) Riso has released the Coastal Hazard Wheel, a tool for coastal hazard assessment. The tool is intended to assist coastal planners and developers in assessing the hazard profile of coastal stretches under changing climatic conditions.

According to UNEP Riso, the tool provides a simple screening system to support management decisions in coastal areas, and can be applied to local, regional and national scales. Building on key bio-geophysical parameters, the tool provides information on the degree to which key climate change hazards are inherent in a particular coastal environment. Hazards covered include ecosystem disruption, gradual inundation, salt water intrusion, erosion and flooding.

The Coastal Hazard Wheel is especially targeted toward decision makers in developing countries, where data availability is limited. A background paper providing detailed information on the assessment procedure is also available. [Coastal Hazard Wheel] [Publication: Coastal Hazard Tool Background Paper]