UNEP Reviews Environmental Impact of Expo 2010 Shanghai

UNEP29 November 2011: The UN Environment Programme (UNEP) has released its appraisal of the environmental and social impacts of the 2010 World Exposition, in a paper titled “Final Environmental Review of the 2010 World Exposition.” Expo 2010 took place in Shanghai, China, from May-October 2010, under the theme, "Better City, Better Life."

The Review looks at the quantitative and qualitative environmental impact of Expo 2010, and its long-term influence on the development of Shanghai and surrounding areas. It acknowledges efforts by the city in nine key areas: air quality, transport, energy, solid waste, water, green coverage, protected areas, climate neutrality, and the overall situation of the Expo site.

It highlights the following: the city's development of a 400-kilometer rapid transit network, including new energy vehicles such as electric buses and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles; a significant improvement of municipal planning and management systems, such as the creation of pro-active environmental monitoring systems to ensure environmental quality trends; climate change mitigation efforts estimated to have mitigated 4,341 kilotons of carbon dioxide (CO2) equivalent; and the use of LED lighting in nearly 100 percent of the Expo buildings. [UNEP Press Release] [Website of Expo 2010]