UNEP Reports Successful Testing of Jatropha-Fuelled Flight

Safe landing for Air New Zealand's jatropha-fuelled flight 31 December 2008: The UN Environment Programme's (UNEP) Climate Neutral Network has reported that Air New Zealand successfully tested a new jatropha-fuelled jumbo jet. The airline said the experience demonstrated that jatropha biofuel is suitable for use in airplanes without the need for engine modifications.

Jatropha forms part of the airline's plan to source 10% of its fuel

from sustainable sources by 2013. It is a plant that produces seeds

that contain inedible lipid oil and can be grown in difficult

conditions, including arid and otherwise non-arable areas. UNEP has

suggested that sustainably grown biofuels can play a role in the

overall fuel mix and make a contribution to reducing carbon dioxide

emissions while diversifying farmers' incomes in developed and

developing countries. [UNEP Climate Neutral Network Press Release]