UNEP Participates in Low-Carbon Prosperity Task Force

© UNEP31 March 2009: Fifty-two companies have partnered with 34 experts and organizations, including the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), to create a new low-carbon Task Force focused on stimulating the low-carbon economy by identifying how to create green jobs and deflect economic growth towards a sustainable, low-carbon path.

The Task Force was created in response to an invitation issued by UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown at the World Economic Forum's Annual Meeting, and it will work with government and UN officials to develop a set of practical projects and policy proposals seeking to stimulate the low-carbon economy from 2010 onward.

The Task Force sent a letter to Brown on 31 March outlining a proposed agenda for the coming months. The Task Force will be organized to take advantage of key meetings on the international calendar, including: the World Business Summit on Climate Change in Copenhagen; the World Economic Forum meetings in South Korea, South Africa, China (Annual Meeting of the New Champions) and India; and the UN General Assembly in New York in September. [UNEP press release]