UNEP Issues Policy Brief on Integrated Solutions for Biodiversity, Climate Change and Poverty

23 June 2010: The UN Environment Programme (UNEP) has released the first issue in its new Policy Series on Ecosystem Management, titled "Integrated Solutions for Biodiversity, Climate Change and Poverty."

The policy series seeks to facilitate dialogue on policy issues related to ecosystem management. The first issue contains four key messages, namely that: biodiversity is key to climate change adaptation; a different set of policy directions, changed incentive structures, reduced or phased-out perverse subsidies, and increased engagement of business leaders is required to work towards “holistic economics;” environmental limits need to be established to ensure society remains within them in order to achieve sustainability; and ecosystem-based adaptation (EBA) is an emerging approach that works with nature to help vulnerable communities and build resilience of their ecosystems and livelihoods that are being threatened by climate change impacts.

The Policy Series is accompanied by an online blog where readers can post their comments, ask questions, and suggest topics for future issues in the series. [UNEP Press Release] [The Policy Brief]