UNEP-ILO-ITUC Release Preliminary Report on Green Jobs: Towards Sustainable Work in a Low-Carbon World


“Green Jobs: Towards Sustainable Work in a Low-Carbon World” assembles evidence for currently existing green jobs in sectors such as renewable energy, energy efficiency in buildings and vehicles, sustainable transportation, and organic agriculture, and presents estimates for future green employment.

This report was commissioned and funded by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), and was produced by the Worldwatch Institute with the technical assistance of the Cornell University Global Labor Institute.

The report highlights the need to address the multitude of policy initiatives and responses to climate change currently being implemented, negotiated and studied at all levels of government and society, each of which will have employment consequences, and suggests that the pace of green job creation is likely to accelerate in the years ahead. The findings of the Preliminary Green Jobs Report will be presented by UNEP's Executive Director at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2008 (23-27 January 2008, Davos, Switzerland) and to the 10th Special Session of the Governing Council / Global Ministerial Environment Forum of UNEP (20-22 February 2008, Monaco) to bring the world's attention to the crucial need to balance environmental and social concerns in addressing the global environmental challenges of our time. [REPORT | UNEP | WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM]