UNEP FI Releases Study on Climate Information and Forecasts for Economic Sectors

January 2011: The UN Environment Programme Finance Initiative (UNEP FI) has released a report titled “Advancing adaptation through climate information services: Results of a global survey on the information requirements of the financial sector.”

Key findings of the study include that current availability of and access to climate change information remains insufficient, both in format as well as quality, and financial institutions require better information regarding the physical impacts of changing weather patterns.

Sponsored by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, the report presents the results of a survey undertaken by UNEP, in collaboration with the Sustainable Business Institute, of over 60 institutions in developed and developing countries. The report includes sections on: how climate change has affected financial service providers, including insurance and reinsurance, lending and asset management; information needs of financial service providers at regional and sectoral levels; and the need for jointly developed climate information and services.

According to UNEP FI, the survey identified gaps in the availability of information that can be closed by continued research towards more reliable climate modelling and forecasting, as well as enhanced translation of scientific knowledge and existing information into user-oriented information. [The Report] [UNEP FI Press Release]