UNEP Co-sponsors Conference on Military’s Role in Climate Change Mitigation

3 November 2008: The UN Environment Programme, (UNEP), with

the EU Member States Defense Environment Network, the US Department of Defense,

the Institute for Environmental Security, the US Environmental Protection

Agency, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, the Institute

for Defense Analysis, and the Environment and Security Initiative, is

co-sponsoring a meeting from 3-5 November 2008 in Paris, France, on “The

Importance of Military Organizations in Protecting the Climate: 2008.”

The conference,

which is the fifth in a series that began in 1991, seeks to, inter alia:

highlight lessons from the Montreal Protocol on Substances That Deplete the

Ozone Layer; present military and commercial case studies of climate

leadership; discuss progress and challenges in the field; and work towards

engaging the military community in mitigating climate change. Among other issues, participants will

consider the importance of cooperation for climate and security, the role of

accurate greenhouse gas accounting and specific technologies that can be

utilized to reduce emissions. [International

Network for Environmental Compliance and Enforcement Press Release] [Conference agenda]