UNEP, China Launch Efficient Lighting Centre

UNEP31 October 2012: The UN Environment Programme (UNEP) has announced the opening of the Global Efficient Lighting Centre (GELC) in Beijing, China. The GELC is designed to support the rapid deployment of energy-efficient technologies in developing and emerging countries, and is a joint initiative of UNEP and the Chinese National Lighting Test Centre.

According to UNEP, the GELC will assist in the establishment or strengthening of national and regional lighting laboratories in developing and emerging economies.

Specifically it will: provide technical advice for the development and implementation of effective product quality surveillance mechanisms for national, regional and global institutions; develop quality checking control tests commissioned by governments and the private sector; provide professional guidance to countries for establishing new, or enhancing existing, lighting laboratories and quality management systems; offer technical training for the testing of lighting products; improve manufacturing techniques for energy efficient products; and provide expert guidance for policy and regulatory issues associated with the production of efficient lighting. [UNEP Press Release]