UNEP Announces Projects to Prove Investments in Nature-Based Assets Serve as Key Adaptation Measures

Country Pilots to Prove Investments in Nature-Based Assets Give High Economic, Social and Environmental Rate of Return 6 October 2008: The UN Environment Programme (UNEP), in

cooperation with governments, is drawing up some projects to demonstrate that

re-investing in damaged ecosystems can generate significant economic,

environmental and social returns.

In total, UNEP aims to launch pilot projects

that are large-scale and involve the nationally significant rehabilitation of

nature-based assets in five countries during the run up to the next meeting of

the Convention on Biological Diversity, scheduled to take place in Nagoya,

Japan, in 2010. Achim Steiner, UN Under-Secretary General and UNEP Executive

Director, said the projects would also serve as key adaptation measures for

communities and countries facing increasingly severe climate change impacts.

While recognizing the urgent need for investments in hard infrastructure –

cleaner and greener energy, sustainable transport networks and urban planning –

he also called for investment in ‘soft' infrastructure – from forests and

fisheries to wetlands and soils – to ensure water and food supplies in the face

of global warming. [UN

Press Release] [UNEP

press release]