UNEP Announces Closure of Carbon Neutral Network

20 December 2011: The UN Environmental Programme (UNEP) has announced that Carbon Neutral Network (CN-Net) is set to close. The decision was taken after consultation with members of the web-based platform, and UNEP encourages members to approach other similar platforms to pursue their efforts at becoming climate neutral.

CN-Net consists of 300 members that aim towards low-carbon growth. According to UNEP, ten countries, seven regions, 19 cities, 156 companies, 40 organizations and 11 universities joined CN-Net.

UNEP invites CN-Net members to contact three organizations that have indicated their willingness to work with CN-Net participants: Caring for Climate; Local Governments for Sustainability (ICLEI); and the Climate Group. According to UNEP, these organizations offer similar platforms to foster commitment to climate neutrality in the private and public sectors, and to support organizations in achieving environmental goals. The transition to the three aforementioned organizations is expected to allow for better focus international and local efforts in this field. [UNEP Press Release] [Climate Neutral Network Website]