UNECE/FAO Workshop Calls for Increased Wood Mobilization for Renewable Energy

© UNECE29 June 2009: The UN Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and other partners have jointly organized a workshop titled “Strategies for increased wood mobilization from sustainable sources.”

The workshop convened from 16-18 June 2009, in Grenoble, France.

Workshop participants reviewed wood mobilization activities by policymakers and national-level actors, and concluded that there is significant potential to enhance the supply of wood from forests throughout Europe in a sustainable manner. They called for encouraging wood mobilization for renewable energy and industrial raw materials, in particular in order for the EU member States to meet their 20% renewable energy by 2020 target.

UNECE/FAO, the Ministerial Conference on the Protection of Forests in Europe and the European Commission, Directorate General Agriculture, have been requested to lead, together with partners, the development of good practice guidance on sustainable wood mobilization, which should be available by the end of 2009, to serve as guidance for countries in developing renewable energies strategies.[Workshop Website][UNECE Press Release]