UNECE to Hold Meeting on Energy Efficiency Investments for Climate Change Mitigation

Energy Efficiency 21 November 2008: The Steering Committee of the UN Economic

Commission for Europe (UNECE) Energy Efficiency 21 (EE21) project will hold the

12th session of the Ad Hoc Group of Experts on Energy Efficiency Investments

for Climate Change Mitigation in Geneva, Switzerland, on 19 December 2008.


is a region-wide project to enhance trade and cooperation in energy efficient,

environmentally-sound techniques and management practices in order to help

close the energy efficiency gap between actual practice and best technologies.

It supports the efforts of Central and Eastern Europe and Commonwealth of

Independent States (CIS) to enhance their energy efficiency and security to

ease the energy supply constraints of economic transition.

EE21, the successor

of the Energy Efficiency 2000 Project that was launched in 1991, is guided and

monitored by a Steering Committee composed of delegates from national

participating ministries and institutions, international organizations and

donor agencies. The Steering Committee determines the activities, results, work

methods, participation, procedures, budget, calendar of events and timetable of

the project, and secures cooperation from other interested parties.

The 12th

session will consider recent developments in investment projects, assessment of

missions to participating countries, and draft a work plan for 2009. [Meeting Website] [EE21 Website]