UNECE to Hold Experts Meeting on Cleaner Electricity and CCS

UN Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) November 2008: The Second Session of the UN Economic

Commission for Europe (UNECE) Ad Hoc Group of Experts on Cleaner Electricity

Production from Coal and Other Fossil Fuels will be held on 17-18 November

2008, in Geneva, Switzerland. The meeting is taking place in the framework of

the growing world demand for electricity and the push for more environmentally

sustainable power generation, which are projected to require massive

investments in the coming years.

On the first day, participants will evaluate progress

in moving towards cleaner electricity production from fossil fuels, including

the status of large-scale projects that require a suitable regulatory framework

to attract investment. Participants are also scheduled to take stock of the

current markets, namely compliance markets such as the EU Emissions Trading

Scheme and the Kyoto Protocol, but also the growing voluntary markets.


will discuss progress in setting a global agenda for the years after 2012, and

how member States are preparing for the post-2012 period. On the second day of

the meeting, participants will address carbon capture and storage (CCS)

awareness and readiness in particular in the UNECE emerging economies, as well

as required assistance in the development of compatible regulatory frameworks.

Presentations will be made on: the current state of CCS technology and market

developments; development of enabling legal and regulatory framework including

the launch of the CCS Regulator's Network; financing CCS projects; status of

deployment of CCS in Europe and North America; CCS awareness and readiness in

the UNECE emerging economies; and contribution of CCS to energy security and

sustainable development. [Meeting Website]