UNECE Publishes Technical Cooperation Success Stories

31 August 2011: The UN Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) has published a report highlighting success stories of its technical cooperation work, including on climate change, biodiversity and energy.

The publication, titled ‘Technical Cooperation: Success Stories," aims to: show how relatively small interventions can make a significant difference in human lives if there is a clear objective, strong commitment and genuine partnership; inspire replication of success stories in different contexts and/or at a larger scale; and document best practices, drawing on the findings of external evaluations. All success stories follow the same structure, namely the challenge faced, the actions taken, the results achieved, and the future plans, to demonstrate the continuity of the development process and its long-term benefits.

Success stories include technical cooperation concerning: technology for bringing unused forest materials into efficient economic use as biomas; the Energy Efficiency Investment Project Development for Climate Change Mitigation in selected Eastern European and CIS countries; and biodiversity conservation in projects supporting transboundary cooperation on sustainable management of the Dniester River and of the Drin transboundary system of interconnected freshwater bodies within the Western Balkan countries of the Drin Basin and the Adriatic. [Publication: Technical Cooperation: Success Stories]