UNECE Publishes Study on Financing Mitigation

March 2010: The UN Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) released a study in its Energy Series titled “Financing Global Climate Change Mitigation,” as the result of work conducted by all five UN Regional Commissions in the context of the Global Energy Efficiency 21 (GEE21) Project, launched in December 2008 by UNECE.

The study seeks to provide an appraisal of energy efficiency worldwide, and guidance on further action to practitioners in the field of sustainable energy and energy efficiency financing, as well as to policymakers willing to enhance energy efficiency and renewable energy investments. In addition, the report aims to emphasize the role of energy efficiency not only in fighting climate change, but also in promoting sustainable development and reduce poverty.

The study includes sections on: emergency efficiency and renewable energy for climate change mitigation; selected mechanisms and sources of financing; complementary technical assistance programmes; effective financing mechanisms; and the situation and activities in each of the regions covered by the UN Regional Commissions. It also contains annexes on the building blocks for energy efficiency and renewable energy financing, the main public finance mechanisms for climate change mitigation and the sources of financing available from development finance institutions, as well as a compilation of national legislation on energy efficiency. [The Study]