UNECE Publishes Action Plan for Energy Efficient Housing

18 April 2011: The UN Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) has published an Action Plan for Energy Efficient Housing in the UNECE region, which aims to facilitate the establishment of the necessary institutional conditions to improve housing energy efficiency through institutional, technological and cultural change.

The Action Plan proposes to enact mandatory standards on energy efficiency in buildings, and developing a transparent system of subsidies, grants, loans, public investment programmes and leasing, targeting stakeholders such as owners, tenants, builders, technology producers and retailers. The Action Plan further points to the need to create an “energy aware” culture to encourage energy-conscious behavior among the general public. Finally, the Action Plan emphasizes coordination and leadership among government authorities, recommending integrating the housing sector in regional and local energy planning. [UNECE Press Release] [Publication: Action Plan for Energy Efficient Housing in the UNECE Region]