UNECE Provides Guidance for Methane Drainage and Use in Coal Mines

17 February 2010: The “Weekly” newsletter of the UN Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), for the period 15-19 February 2010, announces that UNECE and the Methane to Markets Partnership have elaborated “Best Practice Guidance for Effective Methane Drainage and Use in Coal Mines.”

The Guidance provides recommendations to improve mine safety practices at active underground coal mines, encouraging the use of coal mine methane (CMM) to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and use otherwise-wasted energy resources. The Guidance seeks to facilitate the coal industry's effectiveness in demonstrating its commitment to climate change mitigation, corporate social responsibility and good citizenship.

The Guidance will be presented at the Methane to Markets Partnership Expo, to be held in New Delhi, India, from 2-5 March 2010, and will be published as No. 31 of the UNECE Energy Series later in 2010. [Weekly Newsletter]