UNECE and FAO Conduct Workshop on Woody Biomass

 Woody biomass – the fuel of choice for Serbia 11 December 2008: Wood-based energy bears significant potential as a fuel source for Serbia and other South-East European countries, concluded a workshop entitled “Woody Biomass - the Fuel Choice for Serbia,” held from 2-3 December 2008, in Belgrade, Serbia.

Organized by the UN Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), the UN Food

and Agriculture Organization (FAO), and the University of Belgrade's

Faculty of Forestry, the workshop brought together stakeholders from a

broad range of interests to discuss the opportunities for woody biomass

as a domestic energy source in Serbia.

Participants agreed that woody biomass could generate considerable

economic, environmental and social benefits in Serbia, as well as other

South-East European countries. They noted, however, that a number of

constraints to the development of woody biomass exist, and that

significant investments in infrastructure development and the

development of domestic production of small- and medium-sized wood

energy generation are needed. The workshop's recommendations include:

updating and disseminating information on funding opportunities to

support the development and promotion of wood energy; developing and

promoting technical standards in line with EU standards for wood

biofuels; continuing the promotion of wood biofuels at various levels

in all South-East European countries through additional workshops,

demonstrations and programmes, with support from international

organizations and the EU; and using biomass as much as possible within

the country where it is produced rather than exported. [UNECE Press Release] [Conclusions and Recommendations] [Workshop Website]