UNDP to Launch Knowledge Platform to Promote Capacity Development for Policy Makers to Address Climate Change

April 2009: The UN Development Programme (UNDP) will launch, at the end of April 2009, the Climate Community (UNDPCC), a knowledge platform to promote capacity development of policy makers working directly with activities related to climate change adaptation and mitigation.

The platform will provide updates on the UNFCCC climate negotiations, detailed information on the building blocks of the Bali Action Plan (mitigation, adaptation, technology and financing), and a library of over 600 documents on climate change in six languages. The site will encourage users to join and participate in discussion groups and to post documents, comments and information.

UNDP is inviting potential users to visit the site, currently available in English and Spanish, and to provide their feedback to Rebecca Carman ( and Cassie Flynn ( by 24 April. [UNDPCC knowledge platform]